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2014 FIFA World Cup: Quarter-Finals

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Dear Grace… Without a secretary, I write my own letters and I write without malice. I learnt long ago to hate my enemies. But I’ve never loved one before. The idea of New York is interesting but I have worked so hard for this day, for this victory. I have responsibilities here for people I need to protect and people who I love. Before the war, when I had an important decision to make, I used to flip a coin. Perhaps that is what I will do again. Polly tells me, you fell in love for real and Polly is never wrong about matters of the heart. I will give you my decision within three days. All my love. Thomas Shelby.

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¡A por La Décima!

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Claro Enigma. Carlos Drummond de Andrade. pág. 27 

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Leonardo DiCaprio applauds himself for FINALLY winning that Golden Globe Award. Finally!


Sheldon explaining fandom life