A thin line between reel a real 

- beautiful InHyun couple

JAMES: It was weird really, wandering about in tights when everybody else is wearing trousers and shoes.
GEORGIE: You wore shoes, c’mon!
JAMES: I wore boxing boots for a little while didn’t I, remember those?
GEORGIE: Ha! Yeah, they were fun.
JAMES: Ha! She says, Ha! Ha! [about the nostrils he has to wear for Mr. Tumnus] It was okay most of the time, you couldn’t scratch your nose too much. It became a problem when I had a cold, and when I had to do a scene where I cried a lot which you didn’t like doing, did you?
GEORGIE: His nose started to melt. We were doing a take and slowly it came down, and down, and down to his top lip! And then - what did you say James?
JAMES: I said politely ‘I think we better stop now’. That’s what I said, wasn’t it?
GEORGIE: Okay fine. [about what he really said] He swore very very badly! He had to put four dollars in the potty mouth bucket.
JAMES: Georgie had a potty mouth bucket that if anybody swore on set they had to put two dollars in but apparently my swear word was so bad that I had to put four dollars in. Which, I don’t think I ever put those dollars in you know. [to Georgie] I’ll sort you out later.